Yelp Marketing

Yelp Advertising

Yelp is a fun and easy way to review what's great and not so great in your neighborhood and beyond.
Yelp is an online city guide that helps people find interesting places to eat, trade, drink, relax, and play, according to the informative advice of an active and vibrant community of famous residents.

Whether it's a complete Yelp marketing campaign, a new website, marketing content preparation, or event planning, Mega Services helps marketing teams plan their success.

Run any Yelp marketing campaign in Mega Services with these simple tools. These tools will guide you through a series of questions to develop your plan and help you decide on the best course of action based on your desired results. Transform your plans perfectly into the right tasks and track progress during your campaign delivery.

What we will do for you

  • Set up your Business Profile at Yelp
  • Build a Yelp Network
  • Create a Yelp Event for your Business
  • Promote your Business on Yelp

Grow Your Local Business with Yelp

We are a sales management team and an accelerated account dedicated to working with top-ranking local businesses across the country.

Like Facebook, it's important to have a personal profile on Yelp, being active in the community is important as it enhances growth from there.

Our team will track and analyze all the data we get from your company's Yelp account and make the adjustments needed in order to boost your sales.



Account Set Up

When we create your Yelp profile, we will also create a profile for your business. It's best if your business profile is linked to an active Yelp profile that shows visitors that you are an active Yelp participant and that they will be there to see your business and what you offer.

Connect with Your Customers

Yelp is a site for review, but it is also a social community and you we can help you to build a large influential community at Yelp that will help you develop your brand and expose your business.

Promote Your Business

Yelp has an event section that will give you a complete page of the event you post from your personal profile. It is not available in all cities, but it is growing, and I hope it will soon be everywhere soon.


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