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PPC advertising gives you the opportunity to pay the best top positions in search engines and to appear on relevant partner websites. Pay per click offers instant traffic and provides many ways to complement existing SEO strategies when testing keywords, business models, and marketing verticals, and allows the development of the overall internet marketing strategy resulting in fact, not assumptions.
If you are looking for a Google AdWords Business Management Agency, you’ve come to the right place. At Mega Services, our Google AdWords specialists will be happy to help you create your AdWords campaigns and landing pages in the most cost-effective way possible. Our AdWords Certified Experts have hundreds of hours of full-time experience in managing campaigns in many industries. Mega Services experts can help you to achieve much more success in your endeavors.

100% Neurotic Digital Advertising Services

We've helped more than 100 companies around the world increase the profitability of their online advertising campaigns. We can probably help you do the same.

We are Google Partners agency

Only a few pay-per-click businesses have achieved the status of Premier Partner Status. The badge is awarded to agencies that have shown excellent results for their clients over a long period of time. We are proud to be part of this respected group.

Learn, Develop, Optimize, Repeat

We are not your typical AdWords management company. From publicly traded companies to mum and dad e-commerce stores, our results speak for themselves.

100% Neurotic PPC Management

We take time to learn the dynamics of your business, enabling us to develop unique strategies that will align with your goals of the Pay Per Click campaign. We are an AdWords management company that simply does things differently.

Why Mega Services?


As the first AdWords management company, we fully support all aspects of our relationship with you. You’ll get great interactive reports that will detail the performance of your account every morning, week, and month, directly to your inbox.


We are an AdWords management company with digital marketing experience and data analytics. Our experience has reinvigorated us to cooperate more and engage our clients in our strategic discussions, the better the campaigns that we are ultimately evolving.


We are committed to the success of our partnership, so we conduct weekly and monthly conference calls to analyze your campaigns, our current strategy, and what we can do to improve performance while we move on continuously. We are fully committed to be your last AdWords management company.

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