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Mega Services: We’re not digital marketers – we’re business developers. Proudly serving all of North America.
For over 10 years, Mega Services has been helping businesses develop a comprehensive social media marketing plan that works in tandem with an overall marketing strategy to boost your exposure and reach potential customers you simply can’t find the old-fashioned way.
Our goal is for you to grow your business; if you only care about getting more “likes” … well, pretty much any digital marketer out there can try to help you with that. We know you have a bigger vision for your business than just getting followers and likes on social media, so don’t wait another minute – reach out to Mega Services now. We are the leading social media consultants in Los Angeles who go beyond boosting vanity metrics. Our track record is results oriented as we increase leads, followers, customers, and brand evangelists client by client! What do our satisfied clients say about their ROI with Mega Services? Keep reading or search us online to find out!

Regular Activity

It's important to consistently update your social media with the latest news, and promotional deals you might offer.

Build a following

We help your business grow a larger following on social media channels. It's a known fact that more followers = more profits.

Increase website Traffic

Get more customers to your site by giving them an avenue to follow from websites they are already on.

Brand Monitoring

We monitor your brand mentions across social media and help you track the reputation of your business.

Why Mega Services?


As the first AdWords management company, we fully support all aspects of our relationship with you. You’ll get great interactive reports that will detail the performance of your account every morning, week, and month, directly to your inbox.


We are an AdWords management company with digital marketing experience and data analytics. Our experience has reinvigorated us to cooperate more and engage our clients in our strategic discussions, the better the campaigns that we are ultimately evolving.


We are committed to the success of our partnership, so we conduct weekly and monthly conference calls to analyze your campaigns, our current strategy, and what we can do to improve performance while we move on continuously. We are fully committed to be your last AdWords management company.

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